What to expect

Our worship service is family style.

Children are encouraged to stay in service.

If any needs arise, we have a couple of areas for parents to take children for a time for feeding infants, discipline needs, and/or relaxing. We seek to be hospitable and are understanding about some noise during the service. We understand that training children to sit through a service takes time and we are here to help with that! We will aid parents in this by having quiet activities (coloring, puzzles etc) during the service to keep their hands busy as they hear the Word preached.

Food is allowed in our meeting space and you are more than welcome to bring snacks for your young children.

We want to be a church that exudes hospitality and love for one another. If mothers of young children approve – we encourage mothers with older children or other ladies in the church to help mothers with young children during the service when able. It is tough having small children and focusing on the message at times. Let’s serve our families well.

Following the service:

All are free to hang out and get to know one another and get a refill on some coffee and snacks. Part of being a fellowship is spending time together.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

The services are usually a little less than an hour.

Children are welcomed into the main service. We do our best, as stated above, to provide as much hospitality as possible. We believe that children can understand far more than we give them credit for regarding sermons. We see the church as an inter-generational church and do our best to do life together as a whole.

Our services have modern praise and worship with some modernized hymns. We seek to sing songs that are Christ-centered. We also occasionally have a song for kids to start the service off to let them know we are excited to have them there.

Our greatest concern is that we come to worship the Lord and make it all about Him. Some may dress casually while others more traditionally.